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What is schmublishing?

Schmublishing: noun/gerund. The activities of a schmublisher.

Schmublisher: noun.

1. A person or company whose business is the schmublishing of books, articles, and other writings.

        – Are you publishing your book? – No, I’m schmublishing it.

2. The head of a schmublishing organisation.

       – Who can I ask about schmublishing? – schmublisher@gmail.com

Schmublishing is a method of throwing words in the air. Whether you are:


Praise for Schmublishing:

“Cassie Fox/Schmublishing were a brilliant help to me. As an aspiring author, I was pretty much at sea about the process. Her deep knowledge of the industry made her advice spot-on and crystal clear. She had great contacts in the business. She worked extremely quickly and thoroughly, and came up with ideas and solutions I could never have had on my own – all at a very reasonable price. On top of that, she has a natural empathy which helps her understand projects and what you want quickly: she was a pleasure to spend time with. I thoroughly recommend her and Schmublishing!”

Dr Hilary Moore, MBA, author of Great Business English